Have you ever found a product that you found so amazing and wanted to share with your friends. Well here it is. The Bella. I first saw this product and started using it four months ago. An ultrasonic cleanser and anti- ager. At 61, I thought, never turn any help down. Well was I wrong. First thing in the morning, in the shower, I started to clean my face. Put it on the counter to dry myself off and then used my moisturizer. Two minutes out of my day. I thought, I can do this. After three days I saw a change in the color of my skin and softness that had not been there for a long time. I have always been a makeup person daily, and now I find that I go days without, due to the way my face feels and looks. But that is not all. I was in the bath and thought, as this is 100% waterproof, my legs needed to get exfoliated, so I thought lets try. Worked like a charm. My pedicure bill just got cut in half.
I am so excited about this new product and want to share my experience to say, treat your face to some love. I am glowing.

Ms. Christina Happy Customer
I saw results with my Bella the first week after using it and feel it is keeping my youthful appearance in tact, I don’t leave home without it.

Vanessa Kirk Mom
absolutely love my Bella! It is so simple to use and I love how portable it is for traveling. I especially like that it saves me money because I no longer have to buy replacement brushes every few months!
Tina Louise Marketing